OCO Exporting

OCO Exporting offers distinct and accessible solutions for investing and growing in international markets. Our services can be tailored in three distinct stages: AssessEnterGrow. These stages can be completed as a full process or chosen individually based on your organisation’s needs and aims.

Assess enables you to understand the market. Through a bespoke assessment, OCO Exporting will give your organisation an overview of how your chosen international market functions. The purpose of this report is to give you a clearer picture of how your sector operates in a foreign environment.

Enter prepares you to go to market. We will outreach on your behalf to the existing infrastructure of the market you wish to enter. We will find the key areas where there are hubs of activity and investigate how your business would perform in that existing market. This information will significantly reduce the risk of moving into a new market.

Grow supports you in your expansion plans within the new market. We align ourselves with your long-term strategies for growth and continue to aid your growth strategy. We support your sales and marketing initiatives by plugging you into our global network of sector specialists, consultants and economic developmental bodies.

“By the time we came back from San Francisco, after three weeks we had a global distribution deal… Without OCO we certainly wouldn’t have had the success we enjoyed”

Phil McIntosh, CEO, Jumpack