OCO Exporting


OCO Exporting is a globally connected business. We have representatives and market experts in all the major economies across the world. We are also trusted partners of Economic Development Organisations; helping government bodies deliver economic opportunities locally and to the wider global economy. We can offer our services to help businesses engage with any part of the world.

Here we offer insight into the collaboration and network that OCO Exporting has by selecting a series of market opportunities that are available under our services.

If you are a business based in the United Kingdom considering exporting to the US or expanding within the North American market, OCO Exporting offers unique services that can make this happen.

We are the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) exclusive partners for the North American trade and export programme. This means we are recognised for our excellence in helping businesses enter and expand within these markets. We are in an exclusive position to deliver the best insight, expertise and engagement for trade and exporting in North America.

From our office in Dubai, OCO Exporting accelerates the process for companies who aim to enter, export and trade within the UAE and the wider Middle East. Our Dubai-based Incubator service provides international firms with a low-risk, compliant & fully supported market entry platform from which to launch their regional business operations.  With 36 companies supported in the last 4 years, our Incubator offer is a proven model for international companies who want to establish operations in the Middle East quickly, affordably and with full flexibility.

Exporting to Europe is key to future growth and stability of many SMEs and businesses within the UK.

OCO Exporting has partnerships with many Economic Development Organisations – such as DIT and Invest Northern Ireland – to help companies expand their potential into European markets. We have been chosen as partners on trade and exporting for private partnerships such as Santander.
We work closely with these economic organisations to support UK businesses as they expand and export into Europe. Their confidence in us as trading and exporting specialists have allowed us to help UK businesses expand into Europe.

We have offices strategically placed across Europe to ensure that we can offer the best insight in your chosen market.

OCO Exporting is headquartered in the UK with already well-established partners and networks globally, making us ideally placed to help any company who is looking to expand their trade or exporting opportunities within the United Kingdom.

OCO Exporting has worked across various regions of the UK, helping international companies sell their products in the UK marketplace. Our wealth of knowledge and active engagement, helped private organisations, such as Santander Bank, introduce European companies to distributors and potential customers within the UK marketplace.

This fostering of global companies into the UK is at the very heart of what we do as a trade consultancy.